About Me

Welcome to my web space! I am an Austrian mathematician and operations research analyst with a strong background in computer science, currently employed at Anexia. There, we are specialised in mathematical modelling, optimisation, and artificial intelligence to analyse and improve business processes, systems, and resource allocation for large European industry companies. Moreover, I work as a lecturer at the University of Klagenfurt.

Photo: Stefan Grauf-Sixt

While I have a general interest in mathematics, natural sciences as well as software development, my research interests mainly lie in the fields of

combinatorics and optimisation.

In particular, I am currently interested in

  • applied mixed-integer linear optimisation,
  • additive and analytic combinatorics,
  • theoretical computer science, in particular automata theory and regular sequences,
  • combined with computational as well as asymptotic aspects.

Moreover, I really like working with the open source computer mathematics system SageMath as well as the programming languages Python and – as of recently – Julia.