About Me

Welcome to my web space! I am an Austrian mathematician, currently employed as a university assistant at the Institute of Analysis and Number Theory at Graz University of Technology. Moreover, I am a PhD student and my supervisors are Christian Elsholtz and Robert F. Tichy.

Photo: Stefan Grauf-Sixt

While I have a general interest in mathematics, natural sciences as well as computer science, my research interests mainly lie in the fields of

combinatorics and number theory.

In particular, I am currently interested in

  • additive and analytic combinatorics,
  • combinatorial and analytic number theory,
  • theoretical computer science, in particular automata theory and regular sequences,
  • also combined with computational as well as asymptotic aspects.

Moreover, I really like working with the open source computer mathematics system SageMath as well as the programming languages Python and – as of recently – Julia.

Dipl.-Ing. Gabriel F. Lipnik, BSc

: lipnik@math.tugraz.at

: +43 316 873 7629

+ : @galipnik