Talk @ Probability and Combinatorics Seminar in Uppsala

December 9, 2021

Today I had the great pleasure to give an online talk in the Probability and Combinatorics Seminar of the Department of Mathematics, Uppsala University (Sweden). I took the chance to present results on the asymptotics of $q$-recursive sequences, which were published on arxiv recently [1]. An outline of my talk can be seen here:

Moreover, the slides and a SageMath worksheet with some examples about the usage of $q$-regular and $q$-recursive sequences in SageMath can be found at the Talks page of my website. (And yes, $q$-regular and $q$-recursive sequences can finally be used in the latest Version 9.4 of SageMath! )

Last but not least: big thanks to the organizers, in particular to Benjamin Hackl!


  1. [1] C. Heuberger, D. Krenn, G.F. Lipnik, Asymptotic Analysis of q-Recursive Sequences, (2021).

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