March 23, 2020

Welcome to my new website!

I’m very glad that this website is finally online – and that you read this first blog post. Besides some basic information about myself (on the pages Home and CV) and about my work (at Publications and Teaching), the website also contains this blog. This is the place where I intend to present my main scientific activities and write posts on topics which I’m currently working on.

Moreover, I also plan to write about interesting mathematical (and non-mathematical?) facts that fascinate me at the moment and which I want to spread. This should also serve the aim of somehow popularizing mathematics among non-mathematicians and to make it more palatable and tangible to everyone.

Lastly, I believe that writing down my own thoughts and ideas encourages me to structure them, to rethink them and to develop them further. So the hope is that the benefits of this blog for myself are at least as big as for the readers!

Let’s see how well all this is going to work – I’m optimistic!

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*Please do not hesitate to send me an email if you have any comments regarding this blog post! Note that the English and the German versions of this post may differ slightly. However, you can be sure that the content is the same.